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Compliance & Safety Manager
EHS programs, training, inspection, risk assessment, and incident investigation

TaranceA 20-year environmental health and safety manager veteran

Relevant Skills

Developing and implementing EHS programs, Streamlining company procedures, Reducing injuries and property damage

Expertise Summary
  • Tarance is an experienced Environmental Health and Safety Manager with 20+ years of diverse experience in Environmental Health and Safety management.
    • He has extensive knowledge in developing and implementing EHS programs, training, inspection, risk assessment, incident investigation, emergency response, behavior-based safety, and auditing.
    • He’s demonstrated strong interpersonal communication skills, and adaptability to changing work environments.
  • Tarance has been actively involved in providing Environmental Health & Safety Compliance and Program development to several industries.
    • The result has been risk reduction, improvement of EHS program development, and lowering cost of company insurance premiums.
    • He accomplishes this by building a culture of safety, promoting observance of regulations and compliance, streamlining company procedures, and scheduling mandatory training.
  • While working as a consultant in the oil & gas industry, the sites under Tarance’s charge experienced annual reductions in injuries, property damage, and negative environmental impact issues.
    • He accomplished this through collaboration with on-site management and 3rd party contractors and safety training to promote safety awareness on site.
  • As Health & Safety Manager to a retail distribution center, Tarance previously reduced incident rates by 40%.
    • He developed and maintained required safety training programs.
    • He also decreased claims rates by 50% through providing incident management advice to 54 stores for associates who suffer on-the-job injuries or illnesses.
  • While serving as Environmental Health & Safety Director to the manufacturing industry, the company experienced a reduction in the Lost Work Day Incident Rate from 6.8 to less than 1.0 for each successive year by implementing efficiencies.
    • This also resulted in an Experience Mod Rate reduction from 1.23 to less than 1.0 for each successive year.

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