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Compliance Manager
Complying with regulatory bodies

TheodoreCompliance manager with knowledge of cannabis science

Relevant Skills

Supervising and managing cultivation, extractions, and edibles, Vetting SOPs, Overseeing onboarding, training, and compliance

Expertise Summary
  • Theodore has 7+ years of cannabis industry experience, working throughout vertically integrated operations.
    • He thoroughly understands the vertical integration model, as he has supervised and managed departments of cultivation, extractions, edibles, packaging, manufacturing, and testing.
  • Theodore is currently an Extraction Manager for a medical cannabis company in one of the most restrictive regulated states.
    • He manages all aspects of cannabis extractions, refinement, distillation, manufacturing of cannabis-infused products, testing, and documentation.
    • He manages these operations by utilizing seed-to-sale software, in addition to frequent inventory audits of all stock solutions, cannabis oils, packaged goods, and waste.
  • Theodore has strong leadership, as he encourages, motivates, and inspires his teams of up to 20+ employees.
    • He oversees the onboarding, training, compliance, and ultimate success of each team member, harboring an environment of high morale through open communication, respect, and knowledge of cannabis science and manufacturing.
  • Theodore has 5+ years of successful SOP development, implementation, and documentation experience.
    • His processes continue to comply with regulatory bodies such as GMP, OSHA, MED, DOH, and LDAF.
    • He assisted in achieving GMP certification and Kosher certification through rigorous paperwork and documentation for a previous industrial hemp manufacturer.
    • In his current role, SOPs must be thoroughly vetted, demonstrated on-site, and approved by the state regulatory body before a process can be utilized for commercial use.

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