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Sr. Market Manager

TiffaniSeasoned Senior Market Manager with 15+ years experience.

Relevant Skills

Tactical business leadership, analytical thinking, team management

Expertise Summary
  • Tiffani is a highly accomplished and data-driven multi-unit leader with 15+ years of extensive management and tactical business leadership experience.  
    • Her remarkable career is characterized by exceptional achievements and a reputation for diplomatic approaches, analytical thinking, and the ability to inspire productive working relationships with employees and partners.  
    • Tiffani holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Fogelman School of Business at the University of Memphis, where she also served as DECA President, earned a place on the Dean’s List, and participated in thespian activities.  
  • As the Senior Market Manager at a cannabis business, Tiffani demonstrated her expertise by successfully overseeing 18 retail dispensaries, achieving outstanding performance results, and impressively increasing revenue.  
    • She played a pivotal role in creating and marketing product lines, flower, and live rosin cartridges.  
  • Moreover, Tiffani strategically implemented the Legion scheduling software company-wide, resulting in improved workforce optimization and efficiency.  
    • Notably, she opened 2 new locations and executed the seamless deployment of a cannabis seed-to-sale system, enhancing product tracking through 23 Standard Operating Procedures.  
  • As Retail Operations Manager and Store General Manager at a hand-crafted chocolate company, Tiffani managed 5 retail stores. 
    • She achieved significant growth in customer satisfaction through strategic training programs and elevated service standards.  
    • She increased sales revenue by 20% by using waste control strategies and efficient inventory management.  
    • Tiffani’s contributions also extended to opening a new store and launching chocolate kiosks in a supermarket chain. 
  • During her tenure as General Manager/District Sales Manager at a popular coffee company, Tiffani consistently achieved remarkable results, boosting units per hour (UPH) by over 35%, leading to increased customer throughput and higher sales revenue.  
    • Her innovative pull-to-thaw bakery processes reduced waste by 20%, positively impacting profitability.  
    • Additionally, Tiffani trained and developed 200+ team members as a Store Manager Trainer (SMT) and Manager Mentor (MM). 
    • Her skill set as a strategic leader includes expertise in strategic planning, operations management, cross-functional collaboration, customer relationship management, team development, and training.  
  • Tiffani’s dedication, humility, and proven leadership abilities, backed by concrete results, make her a standout candidate for any role, and she would undoubtedly be a highly valuable asset to any organization.

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