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Operations Director
Cannabis manufacturing, cultivation, and distribution

TomasCOO with vast knowledge in cannabis manufacturing and cultivation

Relevant Skills

Spearheading partnership processing agreements, Developing and implementing organizational structure, Implementing SOPs at operation control points

Expertise Summary
  • Tomas is an experienced Operations Professional possessing extensive knowledge in cannabis manufacturing, cultivation, and distribution.
    • As COO of a cannabis company, Tomas spearheaded the partnership processing agreement between a top outdoor cultivator at 4 acres of mixed light and outdoor which translates to about 10-12K plants and close to 7-8K cured lbs per harvest per acre.
    • He oversaw price negotiations, storage/transportation of product from farm to facility, security for transportation and updates of security at the hub.
    • He increased biomass, negotiated pricing/labor with 3rd party trimmers to reduce the estimated cost of labor by 30%, and created schedules to avoid bottlenecking/disruption with in-house brands production having capacity constraints.  
    • With 2 harvests under his belt, the company saw net profits of $3.5-4 million.
  • Tomas redesigned 30K sq. ft. of unused warehouse space and parking lot that would be transformed into manufacturing, distribution, and inventory operations.
    • He also developed and implemented an organizational structure for each department.
    • Tomas oversaw the hiring, coaching, training of staff ,and developed SOPs for each department in line with state compliance and regulations.
    • Also, he oversaw the implementation of all IT software from CRM, WMS, and ERP, and worked with supply chain, manufacturing, and sales to create production schedules based on data to ensure the fulfillment of all orders.
  • Tomas scaled from 0 employees to 75, including techs and managers.
  • Tomas’s team was capable of producing 10K joints a day and/or 100+ pounds of dry flower in jars or Mylar bags through the creation of production lines and strategic movement of labor/scheduling.
    • He developed reports that calculated total labor cost at every aspect of the production line for all SKUs, allowing the company to identify areas where they could save money through automation and where they could implement Lean Six Sigma to reduce waste to hit margins.
  • Tomas oversaw the operations side of the sales/distribution life cycle from pitch to order fulfillment.
    • He was able to implement SOPs at these operation control points that scaled them from 0 stores to 60+ in 6 months.
    • He saw 90% on KPIs that included order accuracy, order fulfillment, and customer satisfaction.
    • Tomas implemented logistics software to streamline the delivery process while maintaining oversight of all inventory/drivers in the field.

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