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Director of Cultivation
Plant disease, pests, IPM solutions, and soil conservation practices

Toni30 years honing his skills in cannabis, herb, and veggie growth

Relevant Skills

Teaching cannabis cultivation, Installing grows in several countries, Tracking budget expenses

Expertise Summary
  • Toni has 35 years of cannabis, herb, and vegetable cultivation experience, being raised on a farm.
    • That includes 42+ years of agriculture experience and 13+ years in a commercial cannabis environment.
    • He originally was taught cannabis cultivation in various places in Jamaica.
    • He traveled the world studying and teaching cannabis cultivation and installing grows in several countries.
  • Over the past 13 years, Toni has managed every facet of the industry.
    • He built his skill set and network in the cannabis retail, media, and packaged goods arena and has managed and developed award-winning and successful labs, gardens, dispensaries, and product brands.
  • Toni is a skilled and talented team player who’s excited by big ideas and challenges that allow him to deliver excellence.
    • He cultivates business systems, projects, and relationships that foster long-term growth.
  • Toni is a distinct organic Live Soil Specialist with Korean Natural Farming (KNF/NICE) pest, water, and soil conservation practices.
    • He has extensive live soil, soilless, hydroponics, compost, and vertical and vermiculture farming practices.
    • He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture and a Master’s degree in Life Experience equivalency.
  • Toni has the ability to closely track budget expenses, understand effective product pricing, and maintain high-quality vendor relationships where needed.
    • He is extremely knowledgeable about plant diseases, pests, and IPM solutions.

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