Cannabis Distribution Professional
Latest regulations, consumer trends, upcoming flower brands, and genetics


Relevant Skills

Ensuring compliance, logistics, security, and safety, Communicating shipment info, Leading the operations team

Expertise Summary
  • Uriah is an experienced Cannabis Distribution Professional with 10+ years in the traditional market and is well-versed in the latest regulations, consumer trends, upcoming flower brands, and genetics, as well as methods of consumption.
    • His experience in the industry led him to the opportunity to become a Sales Operations Manager for the largest cannabis brand on the west coast.
  • Uriah led the operations team for a premier cannabis organization.
    • He shipped from 90K to 1.6M in a single day within 12 months, which at the time made it the fastest-growing company in the industry.
    • Uriah ensured compliance, logistics, security, safety, and 3rd party relationships.
  • Uriah’s team was the first to go live on METRC and the first transport team to deliver shipments fully compliant by the January 2021 deadline.
    • This built trust between dispensary accounts and set up faster intake times for drivers.
  • Uriah was also part of the growth and development of the 3rd party distribution company.
    • He communicated daily regarding all shipments as well as provided some coaching with METRC.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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