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Director of Cultivation
Large scale cultivation

WailynVeteran Cultivation Manager with extensive cannabis knowledge

Relevant Skills

In-depth knowledge and practice of all aspects of cultivation, develop fully-scalable management plans, run profitable operations

Expertise Summary
  • Wailyn is a veteran in the cannabis industry, starting in the prop 215 days and steadily working his way up to become a high-level Cultivation Manager.
    • He has experience working in all aspects of cannabis cultivation, including designing, building, staffing, and running large-scale indoor, mixed-light, light dep, and outdoor cultivation operations, including nurseries.
    • He also has extensive experience growing in every common medium, including rockwool, soil (including living soil), coco, and DWC (aquaponics).
  • Over the past 5 years, Wailyn built and ran multiple commercial grows all around California, including a 220,000 sq. ft. outdoor and mixed-light operation, a 40,000 sq. ft. cutting-edge indoor facility, and multiple fully-engineered automated greenhouse grows of over 100,000 sq. ft.
    • He has developed individually-tailored, fully-scalable management plans, including SOPs, irrigation/fertigation plans, nutrient regimens, IPM programs, and workflow management systems.
    • He designed systems to increase productivity, yield, quality, and overall work standards on operations of any size.
  • Since 2018, he has successfully hired, trained, and managed teams of up to 65 employees.
    • He is fluent in Spanish and French, and has run teams in 3 languages.
    • On top of that, he’s also worked as a consultant for various companies (new and established), advising on all aspects of cannabis businesses, including hiring standards & practices, writing SOPs, designing entire cultivation plans, and writing new employee manuals.
    • He has also overseen the construction and management of multiple commercial clone nurseries in the US and abroad.
  • Wailyn is an avid learner and passionate about cannabis and the industry.
    • He is always researching new technologies, nutrient delivery systems, plant science discoveries, and automation within agriculture and cannabis.
    • He is constantly striving to better himself and streamline his methodologies; however, some of his metrics speak for themselves–plant success rates of over 99% and high average yields:
      • Indoor/mixed light 60-80 grams per sq. ft.
      • Greenhouse: 40-50g per sq. ft.
      • Outdoor: 3,500lbs per acre with personal best of 5,000lbs per acre when starting plants inside in March.
  • Wailyn has always been able to run profitable operations that produce high-quality product that can compete in the largest and most competitive legal market in the world.
    • He has a track record of boosting yields and overall quality while optimizing workflow, increasing profits and decreasing overhead simultaneously.
    • By running cloning, breeding, and R&D projects year-round, he always has new, exciting genetics available to run at the start of every cycle.
    • Any cultivation operation he runs doesn’t have to rely on untested genetics or pay for clones and seedlings, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars or more per year.
    • He also understands the dynamics of the various local markets and built an impressive network of connections in the industry.

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