Director of Security
Law enforcement, correction, and security management


Relevant Skills

Creating lesson plans for in-service training, Preparing simulated compliance inspections, Managing all contract security partners

Expertise Summary
  • Warrin offers 30+ years of law enforcement, correction, and security management experience.
    • He has experience creating, implementing, and managing departmental budgets in excess of $30M.
    • He is a dedicated, productive law enforcement and security management professional with extensive experience in recruiting, training, creating lesson plans for in-service training, and basic recruiting for law enforcement and security officers.
  • Warrin prepares and conducts departmental audits involving crime-related statistics and internal complaints on officers.
    • He is fully accountable for preparing and conducting simulated compliance inspections within the cannabis cultivation/manufacturing/retail facilities ensuring complete compliance.
  • During his cannabis career, Warrin has been fully accountable for preparing and conducting video/audio/access control layouts for all cannabis facilities built by a major company.
    • He implemented and managed all contract security partners hired and implemented an aggressive loss prevention/investigation team and CCTV surveillance operation center for a major cannabis company.
    • He has an exceptional reputation with diverse contacts in the law enforcement and security leadership fields and has close contacts with legislative leaders, community leaders, and court systems.
  • Warrin has outstanding leadership skills with a firm but fair attitude and a reputation for honesty, loyalty, and integrity.
    • He also has strong knowledge of law enforcement and security/safety procedures, including building security, personal/executive protection, venue security, and uncovering security risks/threats.
    • He is fully accountable for training and keeping current and correct training records.
    • He also aids with grant writing along with creating policy/procedures and ensures support for accreditation procedures within the department.  
  • At a cannabis company, he managed 70+ employees in Loss Prevention and 48 more nationwide.
    • He created a CCTV unit that was responsible for the monitoring of all retail, cultivation, and manufacturing facilities nationwide.
    • Warrin implemented a two-way communication system allowing his team to talk to potential intruders.
    • He then implemented contract security throughout the US, refining the security posture nationwide.
    • Additionally, Warrin secured over 3M sq. ft. of cultivation, 125+ retail locations throughout 11 states, and reduced loss over 10% in 2020, and by over 7% in 2021.

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