VP of Operations
Retail, cultivation, transportation, distribution, and manufacturing


Relevant Skills

Driving revenue through data and analysis, Creating SOPs, Overseeing daily operations of different department heads

Expertise Summary
  • Waylen is a high-performing retail executive who has extensive retail experience both inside and outside of the cannabis industry.
    • He is a hands-on leader who drives revenue through data analysis and mentorship.
  • As a Dispensary Manager, Waylen raised revenue from $3.3 million in 2015 to $5.1 million in 2017 ($6 million projected in 2018) and purchased $3 million per year of inventory and supplies while diligently procuring only the finest cannabis flower and cannabis products the industry has to offer.
  • In his most recent role, Waylen oversaw retail, cultivation, distribution, and manufacturing department heads in their daily operations.
    • He was responsible for creating SOPs for retail, distribution/transportation, cultivation, and manufacturing.
  • Before cannabis, Waylen spent 4 years at a rent-to-own company where he led a high-volume team of 12 managers and 72+ of their employees across 12 stores.
    • He oversaw the financing of $12 million per year of furniture, electronics, computers, and mattresses with yearly rental revenue of roughly $28-$32 million.

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