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Sales Manager
Creating a strong network and partnerships

WilderExperienced Sales Manager with an entrepreneurial mindset

Relevant Skills

Strong networking capabilites, adaptable to various industries, resourceful in dealing with unforeseen circumstances

Expertise Summary
  • Wilder is an experienced Sales Manager with an entrepreneurial mindset.
    • He has 8 years of experience in the cannabis, entertainment, tech, and events industries.
    • Wilder was one of the top salespersons at companies he’s worked for and even created his own business.
    • He is an excellent relationship manager and has cultivated relationships in various industries.
    • He is proficient in Sales Force, Microsoft Office, Google Suite and all social media platforms.
  • In the cannabis industry, Wilder possesses a variety of knowledge in different sectors–advertising, event management, sponsored partnerships, and wholesaling of plant material both nationally and internationally.
    • His vast experience accrued through various industries allows him to adapt and succeed in various positions in the cannabis industry.
  • In Wilder’s current position as Head of Sales for a hemp brokerage firm (that he started during the pandemic), he created the entire operations model.
    • From sourcing buyer and supplier leads, creating social media pages to managing every European/US account, Wilder has proven to be extremely reliant and resourceful when dealing with various issues that arise during the sales and logistics process.
  • Wilder also created a strong network of relationships throughout the cannabis industry both in the US and abroad and has sold over 20,000 lbs of raw hemp material from the smokeable flower, isolate, distillate, and biomass totaling around $3 million dollars of sales.
    • Also, while working in cannabis advertising, he was one of the top 5 salespersons nationwide.
  • Wilder’s unique sales background in other industries has also served him well in his success.
    • He’s worked in different businesses, such as talent representation of celebrities, SaaS, cannabis ad sales, event partnerships, and hemp.
  • Working in these industries has taught him unique skills when closing a deal, regardless of what the product may be.

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