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Compliance Officer
Medical regulations, compliance rules and regulations, and METRC

WinstenLead investigator with a Master's in Medical Cannabis Science

Relevant Skills

Leading inspections for dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers, Conducting inventory audit and reviewing SOPs, Establishing operational compliance checklist for dispensary

Expertise Summary
  • Winsten is currently an Investigator for a cannabis control center.
    • He is the Lead Investigator for multiple adult-use companies and the Lead Compliance Officer for 2 vertically integrated medical cannabis companies.
    • He has overseen multiple changes of ownership applications and must conduct interviews, check bank statements, read through board meeting minutes, review the company’s SOPs, and assess compliance with the commission’s rules and regulations.
  • Winsten acts as a liaison between the commission and all cannabis companies operating within the state.
    • All compliance-related issues are reported to him for his assigned licenses plus other team members’ assigned licenses.
    • Working in this team-based environment, Winsten led multiple inspections for dispensaries, cultivators, product manufacturers, and transporters where he conducted an inventory audit and reviewed SOPs to make sure those licensees were in compliance with state rules and regulations.
  • Winsten successfully completed a master’s program, earning a Master’s in Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics.
    • Out of 1000s of applicants, he was selected and admitted into the first cohort to receive this degree.
    • The degree gave him the foundation for understanding complex compliance issues related to cultivation and product manufacturing operations.
  • As a Clinical Director intern at a medical dispensary, Winsten learned the medical regulations specifically for dispensaries.
    • He put together an operational compliance checklist for the dispensary, allowing them to see pitfalls in their operations and create plans to correct them.
    • He assisted with these new plans, doing an internal audit, and updating the SOPs to correct areas where the dispensary was not compliant.
  • Winsten has assisted with getting full licenses for 3 adult-use dispensaries.
    • This includes reviewing documentation related to SOPs, workplace safety, architectural reviews, and employee records.
    • Acting as a government regulator, Winsten knows the necessary operational functions that each license type must have in order to gain and keep its license in Massachusetts.
  • Winsten has an extensive legal education background, which includes a Master’s degree in Legal Studies with a heavy concentration in compliance matters related to state and federal rules and regulations.
    • Lastly, Winsten has amassed expert-level experience with METRC, many cannabis POS software programs, and numerous equipment/accessories used in cultivation, retail, and product manufacturing operations.

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