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Cannabis Education & Opportunity With Max Simon

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The special guest on the Aim Higher podcast for this week is Max Simon, CEO and Co-founder of Green Flower Media, a global leader in cannabis education. Green Flower Media helps millions of people learn about the personal and professional benefits of cannabis. They produce best-in-class online cannabis training created to help people succeed within every facet of the industry. Not to mention, they utilize their vast network of over 700 leading experts. Topics include, but are not limited to, cannabis medicine, business, cultivation, retail, and compliance. 

Host Liesl Bernard, Founder and CEO of CannabizTeam, spends time with Max to discuss his personal tools for staying balanced, focused, and centered during this unique time in history. They also cover how Green Flower Media adapted to the current times using a three-pronged online approach. And, Max explains how it’s the perfect time to expand your knowledge and network using his credible cannabis education platform. If you’re looking to start your cannabis career or are already in the industry, this podcast has a lot to offer. 

Turn up the volume and listen to a preview of the latest Aim Higher podcast right here: 


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