Self-Advocacy In The Cannabis Industry With Leah Heise

by Oct 15, 2020The Aim Higher Podcast

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On this week’s episode of the Aim Higher podcast, our special guest is Leah Heise, a Chief Administrative Officer in the cannabis industry–specifically for Ascend Wellness Holdings. Ascend Wellness Holdings is a market-leading vertically-integrated scale cannabis operator with assets in Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Ohio. Formerly, Leah was the CEO of Women Grow, an organization that empowers women in all sectors of the cannabis industry. And, she also served as the President of the Chesapeake Integrated Health Institute. 

Leah tells her story about how she ended up in the cannabis industry, from starting out working for the federal government to her battle with chronic pancreatitis. She goes on to discuss what it takes to be successful in the cannabis industry, especially as a woman. And, she also talks about the importance of valuing and advocating for yourself, in addition to sharing some of her funniest moments working in the cannabis space. Leah is truly an inspiration to everyone in the cannabis community, and her episode is one you can’t miss! 

Check out a preview of Leah Heise discussing the cannabis industry right here:


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