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Creating a Product-First Brand, Flexibility, and Mentorship with Kaiya Bercow of Utopia and Headstash

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Kaiya Bercow, Co-Founder and CEO of Utopia Cannabis, joins us for episode 10 of The Aim Higher Podcast. Originally developed as an indoor flower brand, Utopia Cannabis gained attention with their potent C. Banana strain. The marijuana company creates quality, clean-tested cannabis, setting an example for what should take shelf space at any dispensary. Today, the award-winning cannabis brand can be found throughout California. Additionally, Kaiya is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Headstash. Headstash is a cannabis brand that provides simple and potent cannabis extracts as a Pax pod or jarred concentrate. 

During the episode, Kaiya discusses his mission to bring transparency and quality to everything his organization does. Additionally, he chats about how his wife made the decision to join the cannabis space and how they went about creating a “product-first” brand. Also, Kaiya talks about the significance of a company culture that provides essential mentorship and the importance of an all-hands-on-deck team effort. 

Check out a preview of episode 10 with Kaiya Bercow right here:


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