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Our cannabis staffing team is here to help you find your place in the space. There are a variety of cannabis jobs available in the industry right now. Find the work you love to do. Check out our cannabis job board for the latest opportunities.

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Our client, a Missouri Cannabis Retailer, is seeking a Director of Human Resources to join their team. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, this person

Finding the Best Cannabis Job

Starting your cannabis job search? You’re in the right spot!

It used to be tough to find great jobs in the cannabis industry outside major cities like Los Angeles. These days, good cannabis job opportunities are popping up across the nation.

In fact, cannabis businesses are often really looking for great talent with and without cannabis industry experience.. has put together one of the industry’s best and most comprehensive job boards, where you can get cannabis job alerts via email newsletter and search by job type, job title, location, and more.

A Mini Guide to Cannabis Jobs

There really are tons of cannabis industry job opportunities out there if you know where to look. Whether you’re passionate about cannabis and CBD as a career and lifestyle or just curious about the types of cannabis jobs that are out there, we’ve got you covered.

Cannabis jobs are usually in a few different areas:

  • Cannabis Cultivation (plant-touching jobs related to growing cannabis)
  • Lab and Extraction (jobs that turn plant matter into concentrate products and test raw materials for quality)
  • Cannabis Manufacturing (jobs that create final products and prepare them for customer use)
  • Retail (cannabis sales representative jobs that connect the public with the product)


Cannabis Cultivation Jobs

The whole cannabis industry starts with a clone or a seed and a master grower who knows what to do with it. A master grower manages all grow operations—so obviously experience as a cannabis cultivator or a background in horticulture is important. Tasks include planting, germination, nutrients, pest control, and communicating with law enforcement and compliance inspectors as needed. Many master growers also hold advanced degrees.

If you need a way to get into cannabis cultivation at the entry-level and you love gardening, the role of trimmer may appeal to you. The trimmer removes the mature cannabis buds from the harvesting plants, and this is a popular seasonal cannabis job that’s usually open, especially in legal and medical states like California, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Colorado.

Lab and Extraction Jobs

The lab and extraction team includes: extraction jobs and other lab jobs such as those in lab management and product development; concentrates processors; cannabis lab technicians; quality managers; and cannabis lab directors. All of these roles demand specific technical skill sets, and those with more senior roles require years of experience.


Cannabis Manufacturing Jobs

Cannabis manufacturing teams create and package CBD and cannabis products for sale in dispensaries and online, including cannabis edibles like gummies and vapes. A packager uniformly and carefully places cannabis plant matter or cannabis-infused products into packaging. This is typically an entry-level, hourly position—the manufacturing equivalent to the role of the trimmer. And especially in recreational cannabis states, there is high demand for edibles chefs in various settings.


Retail/Dispensary Jobs

Now that at least 35 states say cannabis products are legal for either adult-use or medical marijuana use, you can find anything from pre-rolls to CBD products like vapes in a variety of retail and online settings. If you have cannabis experience and you’ve worked in retail, a dispensary job may be perfect for you. 

Delivery drivers are in extremely high demand in the cannabis industry, typically part-time and for entry-level workers. (Don’t forget: you also need a legal driver’s license.)

Budtenders, named after the friendly bartender, are team members who need a thorough knowledge of cannabis products, an understanding of using cannabis for wellness, sales associate experience, and an understanding of what the labeling on packaging at a dispensary means for customers. For example, what does the THC information mean for them?

There are several management level positions at a cannabis dispensary. These include the general manager who supervises all employees and dispensary activities—and at a smaller startup that may be the only manager. Mid-size cannabis companies often also have a human resources manager who handles staffing. Many larger businesses also have an account manager and possibly an accounting department who manages accounts payable and receivable, and a marketing manager who handles things like ads and social media.

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2023 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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