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Cannabis Jobs in the Legal Sector

Although being a cannabis lawyer isn’t for everyone, it can be a fun and rewarding career. It is an exceedingly challenging career, as there are many different rules and regulations to analyze and consider. To work as a cannabis lawyer, you must be comfortable with change and be able to pivot.

Along with professions like accounting, a cannabis industry lawyer must be licensed. You will need to complete an undergraduate degree at an accredited university. And you must earn a law degree from a reputable law school. 

Skills to Become a Cannabis Industry Lawyer

There isn’t a clear path to becoming a cannabis industry attorney. However, there are some things you can do to boost your chances of landing a role in the legal/compliance sector. Here are some things you can do to help you become a cannabis lawyer:

  • Be a subject matter expert. You must know the rules and keep up with the changes in the industry. Cannabis is heavily regulated and scrutinized. So, staying ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance and regulations is crucial.  
  • Learn to adapt to changes. The cannabis industry is still very new compared to the rest. Laws in the space are changing and evolving constantly. Stay on top of the changing rules and regulations. Then you can help guide your clients through it all, as well as understand all the risks and consequences of any course of action.  
  • Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Lawyers are typically reluctant to take risks. However, cannabis businesses are less risk-averse. It is instinctual for lawyers to lead their clients down the path that is least likely to lead to consequences. But some clients will want to go down a path with noticeable risks. That is where you have to—at times—find a middle ground in advising how to do what they want to do while still reminding them of the risks involved in detail.  

Benefits of Being a Cannabis Lawyer

Being a cannabis industry attorney might be challenging, but it also has benefits. Right now, there aren’t many lawyers in this field. However, as the industry grows, so will your client base. Grow your practice along with the industry. Cannabis businesses will have various legal needs. Getting into the industry early as an attorney will put you ahead of everyone else. You can specialize in litigating the most common legal issues and evolve from there.

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