Operations Leader
Improving efficiency and developing teams


Relevant Skills

Drafting, implementing, and training on all operational procedures, Changing product flows to stay within compliance , Developing SOPs for all production and processing staff

Expertise Summary
  • Aldin has 6 years of leadership experience in the cannabis industry and 20 years of management experience.
    • He also has a proven record of efficiency improvement, team development, and operations start-up experience.
  • Aldin helped facilitate the design and structure of the product flow of a new 100,000 sq. ft. cultivation facility.
    • He drafted all SOPs and purchased all necessary equipment for successful operations.
    • He also developed lean manufacturing training programs and SOPs for all production and processing staff and decreased inventory staff audit times by more than 50% with new processes and equipment.
  • Aldin developed the production and logistics facility from one single 25’x12’ room into a 10,000 sq. ft. space that produced more than 1,000,000 total retail-ready products within its first year.
    • By the end of its second year, the hub was producing & packaging 25,000 retail-ready units daily, ranging from vape cartridges to packaged flower.
  • Aldin drafted, implemented, and trained on all operational procedures for the 2020 testing regulation changes for all facilities of a cannabis organization.
    • This included training retail teams at 9 locations on how to read COAs and changing product flows to stay within compliance with new regulations at 2 cultivation sites, 2 processing labs, 1 kitchen, and 1 production/distribution facility.
    • For this, he also worked closely with IT and compliance teams in order to develop a system that allowed customers to retrieve test results that complied with regulations.
  • Aldin grew a cannabis company from a total of 4 retail stores to 9 retail locations, while continually increasing and meeting production goals to appropriately supply all locations. This was met with increased production by more than 75% due to the acquisition of retail stores that were double the volume of the original 4 locations.
    • At the end of his time with the cannabis company, they were producing 600% more SKUs than when he originally started.

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