• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 15
  • Expertise: Indoor & outdoor cultivation, white-label manufacturing, and R&D


Relevant Skills

Helping develop CapEx and OpEx Implementing and drafting best practices Hiring and retaining staff

Expertise Summary

  • Aldo is an Operational Professional with a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology.
  • He has worked as VP of Operations and Sales for a publicly traded, cannabis-based start-up, focusing on indoor and outdoor cultivation, white-label manufacturing, R&D, and dispensary development since 2017.
    • With hands-on leadership experience in cultivation, processing, supply chain, inventory, HR, agriculture, white-label manufacturing, sales, and training in THC and CBD, Aldo has several years in operational optimization.
  • Aldo has worked to ensure the appropriate sites were selected across a broad range of business units in the cannabis ecosystem.
    • He helped develop the CapEx and OpEx for a 12 mm indoor grow facility.
    • Other facility build-out projects include:
      • 22,000 SF propagation/drying and processing room
      • 14,000 SF warehouse
      • 7,500 SF clean room for manufacturing and processing
      • 5,000 SF micro grow
      • 1.3 mm outdoor grow of 100 acres
  • For the past 15 years, Aldo has been supervising, mentoring, and leading onsite and remote staff.
    • Responsibilities include the following: drafting and implementing best practices and procedures, running curriculum development, and remote learning.
  • Aldo has a stellar record for hiring and retaining staff.
    • He has worked with HR and has experience managing, promoting, and terminating employees.
    • His natural empathy has paved the way to many successful relationships with HR and has played a role in developing employee handbooks, guidelines, and policy, including diversity and hiring and firing best practices, while working with HR professionals and employment lawyers.
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