Director of Operations
Designing workflow to increase performance and decrease costs


Relevant Skills

Leading efforts to streamline manufacturing & packaging, Optimizing all production processes, Developing supply chain staff

Expertise Summary
  • Aleck is a versatile Director of Operations with experience in cultivation management, extract manufacturing, and quality and supply chain distribution functions for award-winning cannabis companies.
  • Aleck leads efforts to streamline efficiencies in the manufacturing and packaging of a variety of cannabis-derived products, production cost-loss analysis, distribution, and logistics.
    • He comes with a strong history of proven performance managing cultivation, extraction, processing, and packing staff, and his analytical acumen allows for prime optimization of all production processes.
  • Aleck also has advanced workflow design experience, resulting in an increased performance with decreased costs.
    • He has experience with developing supply chain staff and scalable performance infrastructure to support rapid growth while managing all associated P&L responsibilities.
    • His engineer background imbues him with a unique talent for analysis, keeping the small details in scope.
  • Aleck led R&D teams at cannabis companies, developing what has become the #1 infused pre-roll, as well as the entire product lines for concentrates.
    • He has managed and developed relationships with multiple white label and co-packing partners, providing finished CPGs for over a half dozen full-time clients.
    • Aleck helped manage the production, sale, and transfer of bulk cannabis goods (flower, trim, high terpene extract, distillate, winterized crude, micro THCa) to over a dozen B2B clients.

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