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General Manager
Executive and Management, Cultivation

AmirGeneral Manager with deep understanding of the cannabis industry

Relevant Skills

Improving sales performance, industry networking , understanding of cultivation processes

Expertise Summary
  • Amir has been working for the last 7 years as a General Manager/Sales Enablement Director for national cannabis companies.
  • Amir oversaw 60+ employees between retail and wholesale.
    • He brought sales up from $2,000/day to $20,000/day between 3 locations ($7.3 million).
    • A cannabis company bought his company and was so impressed with his results that they asked him to stay on as a Consultant.
  • He worked with many recreational grows in Oregon over his 7 years, oftentimes providing staffing, recommendations for strains, nutrients, and growing methods.
    • Amir also spent a few years near Nappy Valley California, where he learned how to cultivate and process in a medical grow.
    • He formed many relationships with recreation cultivators in Oregon and has first-hand experience on how grows of that scale work and how all of the plant matter can be used in processing to make other ancillary products.
  • Amir is ready to take on a high-impact role, transforming the effectiveness of general operations while improving sales performance through GTM strategies, training, coaching & productivity tools.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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