Compliance Professional
Overseeing facility licensure, compliance, and safety standards


Relevant Skills

Providing oversight for operational compliance, Assisting in operational facility management, State and federal accounting compliance

Expertise Summary
  • Anderton is a seasoned cannabis Compliance Professional with 10 years of scholarly study of and practical experience in commercial cannabis.
    • He is skilled at comprehensive business licensing, operational compliance oversight, SOP development, R&D and QA testing, batch sampling, package and label auditing, wholesale distribution, ERP batch-tracking, seed-to-sale administration, and multiple methods of extraction and infusion. 
  • As a sociology Ph.D. student, Anderton studied the burgeoning cannabis industry. 
    • At a cannabis company, he assisted with all stages of production as the Administrator of Colorado’s first track-and-trace software system while at school. 
  • Anderton was the Director of Compliance for a cannabis cultivator, volatile extractor, and manufacturer. 
    • He excelled at providing oversight for operational compliance, seed-to-sale batch tracking, and facility permitting and licensing.
    • He was also the Director of Compliance for another volatile extractor and distributor, assisting in operational facility management while overseeing all facility licensure, compliance, and safety standards and learning the nuances of state and federal accounting compliance alongside the CFO.  
  • As a National Licensing Specialist for an international cannabis law firm, Anderton mastered challenging cannabis regulatory frameworks all over the nation and simultaneously worked with 12+ clients.
    • Currently, he is the Director of Compliance for a vertically integrated licensee chain.

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