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Director of Retail Operations
Retail Operations

AnyaDirector of Retail Operations dedicated to improving the user journey

Relevant Skills

User research to solve for pain-points, developing new revenue sources, identifying inefficiencies

Expertise Summary
  • At a premier cannabis company, Anya leveraged her retail experience and fresh perspective to drive sales, improve customer experience, identify gaps in the product line and accessory strategies, researched the implementation of a Terpene Bar in dispensaries, and mapped the customer journey to solve for pain points.
  • Anya can zoom in on details and look at the big picture to align with corporate strategy, keeping teams focused on priorities while incorporating alternative viewpoints.
    • At at cannabis company, she improved productivity by identifying inefficiencies and overlapping efforts.
    • She established transparent communication across departments, identified who were the “impact players” vs. whether a “silo” approach would serve better, and restructured several teams meetings as a result.
  • Anya is able to make tough decisions–she recommended field labor cuts for 2023 with $290K+ in savings annually within the dispensary.
    • She also recommended and implemented staffing ratios by dispensary and made recommendations to leverage business partners, community and continuous monitoring better.
  • While operating under multiple licenses and SOPs, Anya executed a successful EOY inventory count that was an example to other states.
    • She managed all field operations for a cannabis product launch, generating $440K on launch day and set record breaking sales in December: $10M+.
    • She drove a wildly successful sale in December where the cannabis company moved through 98% of aged inventory (140K units) while protecting the margin.
  • Anya was tasked to improve culture at her cannabis company, utilized individual employee strengths, and formally recognized solid efforts to power the team and improve culture.
    • She implemented a training manager program using elevated, high-performing GMs as role models.
    • She also created and implemented succession planning tools to identify soft/hard leaderships skill of GMs and AGMs with intent to focus on developing bench and improving leadership skills.
    • Anya implemented a “Daily Huddle” to review priorities in each dispensary, created a store visit checklist for the Area Manager, and edited a weekly recap to focus on what is important.
    • She also implemented Grow Tours monthly to educate and boost morale.
  • Anya is motivated by personal beliefs, values, and goals to solve complex problems and develop new revenue sources.
    • She always has an eye on “what could be” and builds loyalty.

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