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Director of Sales

ArcherProven Director of Sales with over + years experience.

Relevant Skills

Management, marketing, training & development

Expertise Summary
  • Archer is a seasoned sales professional with a remarkable track record of success in the Wine, Spirits, and Cannabis industries. 
    • Throughout his career, he has excelled in roles where he recruited, mentored, and led high-performing sales teams. 
  • During his tenure at a renowned cannabis company, Archer assumed full responsibility for all sales-related functions.  
    • His accomplishments included personally opening 25 new accounts statewide within the last 90 days.  
    • He expertly managed a team of 22 representatives and undertook the substantial task of rebuilding half of the sales team to meet the demand for top-tier customer service.  
    • He also implemented a new compensation program to attract top talent and authored comprehensive standard operating procedures (SOPs), pricing strategies, quotas, and budgets. 
    • Additionally, he developed monthly sales programs and promotional deals. 
  • Archer’s leadership extended to conducting weekly sales meetings to review quota attainment and upcoming initiatives.  
    • He was instrumental in designing and crafting the brand catalog, menu and establishing a Brand Ambassador division.  
    • He collaborated with an agency on a successful rebranding effort and played a key role in launching a new product brand. 
    • He oversaw the company’s social media and marketing efforts, organized and executed various promotional and social media events, and ensured the smooth implementation of METRC compliance.  
    • Furthermore, he took charge of training and developing new hires while implementing a certification and education training program. 
  • Archer’s team was awarded Team of the Year twice, the most prestigious recognition at the company, indicating their top rankings in quotas and sales volume among a workforce of over 3,000 employees in Southern California.  
    • His individual representatives earned Salesman of the Year honors 3 times and consistently achieved impressive growth rates of 7-10% annually for 9 consecutive years. 
  • Archer possesses a deep understanding of organic and sustainable farming practices, particularly as they relate to producing high-quality cannabis in an outdoor environment.  
    • He recognizes the challenges of leveraging natural elements and fostering a biodiverse garden to ensure exceptional product quality. 

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