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Facilities Manager
Project management, financial analysis, and hiring


Relevant Skills

Defining innovative solutions, Leveraging negotiation skills, Forecasting quarterly and annual budgets

Expertise Summary
  • Archie possesses a unique background in aerospace, construction, and cannabis. 
    • He has a diverse collection of mid-high level management experience and faced many difficult challenges. He is highly skilled in project management, financial analysis, communicating deadlines, hiring, and overseeing large construction crews and employees.
    • Archie forecasted quarterly and annual budgets for multiple sites, including any recurring expenses and projections on potential expenditures based on site evaluations and forecasting potential failures in infrastructure equipment.
  • Archie is a results-driven professional with 15 years of extensive experience in overseeing large projects within time and budgetary constraints. 
    • He has a record of success in process improvement combined with demonstrated abilities in defining innovative solutions and methodologies for safe and cost-efficient operation.
  • Archie is adept at leveraging influential negotiation skills to mediate contracts and create profitable partnerships.
    • He regularly monitors 10-20 active job sites, overseeing 60-120 contractors, engineers, architects, and subs on average.
  • Archie assisted in prioritizing potential new projects and remodels looking forward 1, 2, and 5 years ahead.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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