VP of Sales and Business Development
Establishing various KPIs


Relevant Skills

Focusing on cannabis growth and development, Teaching Business and Processing at a cannabis college, Analyzing lead to sale conversion rate

Expertise Summary
  • Arnie is a VP of Sales and Business Development expert that specializes in the cannabis/hemp industry.
    • He brings with him 20+ years of successful sales experience with 5 of those years focusing solely on cannabis growth and development.
  • Arnie is experienced in establishing various KPIs depending on matrix needs, including sales growth, sales/new customers, new leads/prospects, number of qualified leads, resources spent on one non-paying client, resources spent on one paying client, customer lifetime value/customer profitability, and lead to sale conversion rate.
  • Arnie is a Business and Processing Professor/Instructor at a cannabis college.
    • These courses introduce students to many functions of modern business in the changing cannabis/hemp industry and focus on the use of supercritical carbon dioxide, ethanol, and solvent-free methods to produce crude oil from cannabis/hemp.
  • He also cultivated a term-end project – this project had students present an industry-related business plan to a group of “investors” to obtain funding for their business idea.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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