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Operations Executive
Strategic operations direction and driving operational excellence

Ashley Operations executive with over a decade of experience across various industries

Relevant Skills

Developing and implementing SOPs to enhance efficiency, building high-performing teams and fostering a collaborative work environment, cultivating strategic partnerships

Expertise Summary
  • Ashley is a seasoned Operations Executive with nearly 15 years of experience across various industries, specializing in optimizing end-to-end operational processes and driving organizational efficiency. 
    • With a solutions-focused approach and a knack for building strong relationships, she has successfully led operations for both startup ventures and established organizations, consistently exceeding expectations. 
  • Ashley has demonstrated the ability to provide strategic direction and drive operational excellence. 
    • She is proficient in developing and implementing standard operating procedures to enhance efficiency. 
    • Ashley is skilled in building high-performing teams and fostering a collaborative work environment. 
    • She has a proven track record in cultivating strategic partnerships and driving revenue growth. 
    • Also, she has extensive experience navigating complex regulatory frameworks and ensuring compliance with stringent guidelines. 
  • Ashley played a pivotal role in securing state licenses and local permits for clients in the cannabis and hemp industries. 
    • She acted as the primary point of contact for key clients, ensuring prompt resolution of inquiries and exceeding client expectations. 
    • She proactively communicated regulatory changes and guided stakeholders through necessary adaptations to maintain compliance. 
  • Ashley founded and managed a consulting firm offering comprehensive services in small business operations and sales management. 
    • She successfully developed go-to-market strategies, secured licenses, and implemented operational efficiencies for clients. 
    • Ashley managed the procurement process for retail permits and licenses, reducing manufacturing costs and developing new product lines. 
  • Ashley held various leadership roles, including Chief Operating Officer and Director of Business Development for a female-focused infused product manufacturer. 
    • She streamlined manufacturing processes, oversaw facility build-out, and secured permitting and licensing. 
    • She managed sales, marketing, and production departments, driving revenue growth and increasing retailer retention. 

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