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Compliance Manager
Compliance, inventory, and IT


Relevant Skills

Tracking, invoicing, and ticketing, Implementing new SOPs, Training on compliance labeling

Expertise Summary
  •  Ayden has 4 years of experience in the hemp and cannabis industries and has experience in compliance, inventory, and IT.
    • Before joining the cannabis industry, he gained experience in supply chain logistics.
  • Ayden is a validated METRC Third Party Integrator at a cannabis company.
    • In his most recent role, he was responsible for intake and compliance for both recreational and medical cannabis. 
    • He handled the tracking, invoicing, ticketing, and also implemented new SOPs for the entire dispensary.
  • Ayden also refined the backroom process.
    • He focused on organizing and tracking, separating the medical and recreational products, training all associates on compliance labeling, and establishing automated inventory tracking/reorders.
  • He was also an IT Assistant Manager–responsibilities: COVID pandemic overhaul, setting up curbside debit, managing POS systems, setting up cameras, and following all legal compliance laws.
    • Ayden also has experience with IT compliance, the back end of website maintenance, managing personnel files, state testing/regulations, and contracts

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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