Cultivation Specialist
Managing cultivation, forecasting, QA, and processing end products


Relevant Skills

Managing high-volume, fast paced teams, Training employees , Handling internal audits

Expertise Summary
  • Barton is a proven Master Grower/Owner who has experience managing high-volume, fast-paced teams–he managed up to 25 employees.
  • Barton brings with him a positive attitude and strong communication skills with a solid grasp on training employees with proper techniques to cultivate and manicure flower.
    • His management style is to ensure he has open and honest communication, provides constructive criticism on the fly, and is incredibly hands-on.
  • Barton managed 3 sites, including all aspects from cultivation, forecasting, managing end processing, QA, SOPs for harvesting, and processing end products.
    • He also handled internal audits, ensuring trimmers met quotas.
  • Barton has experience with outdoor, greening, mixed light, and indoor grows.
    • He’s knowledgeable about all growing mediums: soil, coco, hydro, and aquaponics.
    • Over his career, he has built up the technique to be able to trim 2lb/day.
    • So far, he has managed to cultivate and process over 2,000 lb. of flower.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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