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Chief Product Officer
Product Marketing and Brand Development

BennySuccessful CPO with 12+ years in the cannabis industry.

Relevant Skills

Developing strategic direction, balancing organizational needs, ensuring product compliance

Expertise Summary
  • Benny is a successful Chief Product Officer with 12+ years of extensive experience within the cannabis industry.
    • He excels at developing strategic direction, maintaining corporate infrastructure, and balancing organizational needs with positive employee morale.
  • Currently serving as the Kitchen Production Manager at a cannabis edibles business, Benny is responsible for overseeing daily operations, managing a team of 15+ kitchen staff members, and ensuring product compliance with high standards of quality, safety, and state regulations.
    • His role involves collaborating with other departments, including distribution and sales, to optimize production schedules and ensure product availability while continuously evaluating and improving kitchen production processes to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance product quality.
  • Previously the Chief Product Officer at a premier cannabis company, Benny kept updated on new regulations and current events regarding cannabis science, ensuring direct research, development, and production activities were in line with the latest scientific literature.
    • He also demonstrated a strong ability to work independently, complete time-sensitive tasks, and execute projects within predetermined deadlines and budgets.
  • In his earlier roles as Production Manager and Cultivation Director, Benny managed multiple operations, coordinated equipment maintenance, and ensured the efficiency of production targets.
    • As Cultivation Director, he was responsible for proper labeling, tagging, and traceability of plants.
    • He also developed and updated SOPs for cultivation and post-harvest processes, enforcing strict adherence throughout the facility.
  • Benny is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Operations Management/Supply Chain, building upon his Associate’s Degree in Biology.
    • He is very proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, project and resource management, and has strong written and verbal communication skills.
    • Benny is highly detail-oriented, team-oriented, adept at problem-solving, and is comfortable working in a start-up environment.
    • He has a strong drive for self-directed work activity, and maintains close working relationships with team members.
    • He is prepared to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, and is committed to promoting a safe, secure, and legal work environment.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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