• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 10
  • Expertise: Driving business transformation


Relevant Skills

Increasing outdoor cultivation yield Driving top-line revenue Developing comprehensive operating manual

Expertise Summary

  • Brendon is a Cannabis Operations Executive with 10+ years of leadership experience driving business transformation for both emerging and large-scale brands.
    • An organizational and dynamic thought leader, Brendon has held several positions driving the ownership’s vision through operational strategies and being the prime driver of culture and the embodiment of the mission.
  • Brendon has overseen and contributed to the design and development of corporate cannabis manufacturing & extraction, cultivation, and retail facilities.
  • At a premier vertically integrated and outdoor cultivation company, Brendon increased outdoor cultivation yield by 35%. He also drove top-line revenue by 34% through several opportunities with product mix, pricing, and campaigns.
    • He improved profitability by 12% with a sharp focus on vendor purchasing contracts, waste and shrink, and point-of-sale optimizations.
  • Brendon also developed a comprehensive retail operating manual for a cannabis retailer with 20+ locations.
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