• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 15
  • Expertise: Leading small and large enterprises to meet business goals


Relevant Skills

Applying and installing commercial electrical services Writing SOPs and maintaining efficient business environment Applying for business licenses

Expertise Summary

  • At a cannabis company, Brody was the Product Development Lead on all concentrated cannabis products, including live rosin, cured rosin, full-melt hash, and cannabis oil vapes.
    • As the Director of the department, Brody was instrumental in hiring, team-building, retention, procedural development, compliance, and cross-departmental functions.
    • He was also Project Manager on automation implementation projects successfully integrating pre-roll machines, curing vessels, packaging, and sealing equipment.
  • As the licensed agent of record for the cannabis company‚Äôs type 6 license, Brody passed an audit, submitted license modification documents, and maintained all internal production, personnel, and department activity logs.
  • For a farm, Brody was the Lead Acquisitions and Project Development Lead for an 80-acre multi-parcel property.
    • He was successful in applying for and ultimately installing commercial electrical services, greenhouses, and establishing water usage rights.
    • Brody was successful in completing all phases of property development within expected and planned timeframes.
  • Brody has a unique understanding of the complexities of operating a cannabis business from his 15+ years of experience within the cannabis industry.
    • He is a hands-on team-building lead who has succeeded in all verticals of cannabis, leading large and small enterprises to meet their business goals.
  • Brody is a business development specialist with extensive experience writing SOPs, building teams, and maintaining an efficient business environment and culture.
    • He’s experienced in applying for all business licenses, submitting all requirements with no major deficiencies.
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