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Processing Manager
Cultivation & Extraction

CalebSkilled Processing Manager with extensive knowledge of cannabis

Relevant Skills

Streamlining methods to increase revenue, Networking with new clients and investors, Developing new programs to improve accuracy and reproducibility

Expertise Summary
  • Caleb is an experienced Processing Manager with 4+ years in the cannabis space.
    • He received his MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Georgetown University, knowing it would be relevant to cultivation and extraction.
    • Prior to that, he received his Bachelor’s in Chemistry from American University.
    • He also completed Shimadzu’s certification program for GC-MS and HPLC.
  • Caleb started his career with a cannabis lab testing provider as a Scientist and Program Liaison.
    • He started the company’s hemp testing program and recruited 20+ university and state institutions, along with over 150 private hemp farmers and processors as clients and partners.
    • As a result, the program generated over $300K in revenue within 1 year of launching.
  • Caleb was also a Lab Manager for a cannabis company.
    • He planned and executed an ice-water hash lab expansion, resulting in several new SKUs.
    • Caleb introduced a new edible testing method on the HPLC, leading to significantly improved result accuracy and reproducibility.
    • He also overhauled the distillation methods to produce the same yield in less than half the time of the original SOP–result: vape cart production increased by 65%, COGS production was reduced by 20%, and the company reached a 250% ROI within the first 8 weeks of operation.
  • Currently, Caleb is the Processing Manager for a cannabis business.
    • He was tasked to create and implement a new review process for the team that facilitated more open and productive dialog between team members and management.
    • Using critical KPIs and the labor footprint, he increased the overall team efficiency by 60%.
  • Caleb also introduced new concentrate production methods to the lab, including live badders, true live resin carts, and THCA diamonds to develop and validate the diamond production SOP and the true live resin formulation method.
    • They have produced between 8,000 and 10,000 units of vape carts and around 2,000 units of concentrate on a weekly basis utilizing both hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction methods–this production represents a 25% increase from previous averages.

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