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Production Manager
Negotiating contracts, brand expansion, and product education

CarlosFocused on cannabis brand expansion and product education

Relevant Skills

Creating a field marketing program, Developing innovative ways to connect to customers, Establishing new SOPs

Expertise Summary
  • Cannabis Operations ignited a new passion and spark of invention in Carlos that took him from part-time dispensary staff to negotiating major contracts and developing innovative ways to connect to consumers on the statewide scale.
  • Carlos’s work in cannabis has been centered around brand expansion and product education.
    • He firmly believes that the only way to combat the years of misinformation is to be open and honest about the products people are purchasing.
  • Focusing on brand expansion, he was responsible for the development of a field marketing program which influenced 20% of an $11 million wholesale revenue and increased new customer onboarding by 16% for the total year.
    • The increased presence at networking events and the aggressive approach to product pop-ups and budtender buy-in showed an almost 70% increase in customer and community engagement with online presence earning a significant boost in organic clicks.
  • To increase efficiency, Carlos was instrumental in the development and clarification of communication channels with retail partners unifying corporate communications into a single tone and voice.
    • He is also responsible for establishing new SOPs for product asset management and new client onboarding to sync the delivery process to the marketing support provided to retail partners.
    • He developed the analytical skills to take his creative mind to the next level and think outside the box to bring innovation and excitement to the table and lead any team into a new era in the cannabis industry.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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