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Director of Cultivation
Floriculture and greenhouse production


Relevant Skills

Developing proprietary production methods, Improving commercial production protocols, Developing site-specific SOPs

Expertise Summary
  • Carter is a professional horticulturist, specializing in floriculture and greenhouse production with 8 years of experience in commercial cannabis production and research. 
    • He led several companies in the development of proprietary production methods, improved commercial production protocols, and the application of basic agricultural principles. 
    • He’s developed site-specific SOPs, training programs, KPIs, and tailored crop scheduling for facilities ranging from 2,500 to 150,000 sqft while ensuring state compliance.
  • Recently, he was Director of Cultivation for a cannabis company where he oversaw the build-out of a 34,000 sqft research facility, tissue culture laboratory, and 40,000 sqft production greenhouse. 
    • The facility design aimed to reduce costs by including cutting-edge HVAC systems, state-of-the-art AI data collection, intelligent crop fertigation, and an Argus controls system to “grow smarter.” 
    • He was able to lead a team that achieved company goals in efficient and consistent production while annually growing larger in a saturated marketplace.
  • Starting with 3,000 seeds, he used terpene and cannabinoid analysis to narrow down a rotation of plants which appealed to a variety of consumers while satisfying the production needs.
  • Carter designed an easy-to-use production system that standardizes weekly work and monitors the KPIs of the facility to ensure consistent accountability of multiple departments.

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