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Operations Manager
Lab and Operations

ChaelSelf-motivated Operations Manager skilled at company turnaround

Relevant Skills

Implementing automation processes, utilizing procedures to increase efficiency, enhancing quality control

Expertise Summary
  • Chael is a self-motivated leader with 3+ years of cannabis experience leading teams in Management, Production, Operations, and Manufacturing.
  • Chael managed the edible kitchen at a cannabis company while implementing automation processes, sanitation procedures, 5S, testing, compliance, and SOPS–he is also Lead in manufacturing procedures.
  • At a premier cannabis company, Chael spearheaded a complete inventory overhaul and utilized organization procedures to create more efficient cycle counts and fulfillment.
    • He enhanced quality control by streamlining the rejection rates by 32% while overseeing the kitchen testing, compliance, packaging, labeling and order fulfillment.
  • At another cannabis company, Chael developed SOPs, KPIs, GAAP assessments, and the implementation of security systems throughout the grow facility.
    • He oversees swab testing and air sampling procedures, lab testing and ensures ATP levels are sufficient for healthy and strong cannabis growth.
    • He managed a complete turnaround at a struggling facility to producing the finest medicine grown in Maryland–42%THC, 6.5% terps.
  • Prior to cannabis, Chael led teams in the food and beverage industry and was a strong leader in all areas of management.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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