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Director of Cultivation
Commercial growing, cultivation team training and management

CharleeDirector of Cultivation with almost two decades of experience

Relevant Skills

Running cultivation facilities and greenhouses, hiring and training cultivation staff, effectively managed complex challenges

Expertise Summary
  • Charlee has 9 years of commercial growing experience, 3 years of experience as Director of Cultivation in a 100K+ sq. ft. facility, and 6 years of experience in commercial cannabis.
  • Charlee has experience with 3 different start-up facilities at different stages.
    • He has experience with a brand-new cannabis build-out in NY State and a brand-new cultivation build-out in the existing wholesale facility.
  • Charlee started a cultivation facility and hired and trained the cultivation department.
    • He doubled the canopy size in the existing vertically integrated facility.
  • Charlee started a 50K+ sq. ft. greenhouse and hired and trained staff while running an indoor 50K sq. ft. facility.
    • He ensured strong employee development.
    • Charlee was highly skilled in nurturing leadership qualities among team members.
    • He successfully developed team members to excel in their roles & effectively managed complex challenges.
  • Charlee is highly proficient in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
    • He has experience with climate control software; Argus, Priva, Ridder, & BMS systems.

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