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VP of Human Resources
Human Resources

ChristopherHands-on Human Resources Professional with 20+ years of experience

Relevant Skills

Self-starter, ensures compliance standards, developing systems and policies

Expertise Summary
  • Christopher is a hands-on Human Resources Professional with 20+ years of progressive HR experience, including 8 years in the cannabis industry where he has assisted with the startup of 3 well-known companies.
    • He currently serves as the VP of Human Resources for a cannabis business.
    • Prior to joining the cannabis industry, he worked in various industries, including, commercial agriculture, mining, municipal government and retail.
  • As the VP of Human Resources for a cannabis company, Christopher developed the company’s HR Department, including budgets, policies, handbooks, and environmental health and safety programs.
    • He also designed benefit plans, implemented HRIS & ATS systems, managed payroll and assisted with everyday administration of HR operations.
    • Aside from HR responsibilities, he also served as a proxy systems administrator of the company’s networks and as the company’s “grill master” at employee engagement events.
  • While serving as the VP of Human Resources at another cannabis business, Christopher re-vamped the company’s people division by focusing on the company’s culture and plans to scale as a multi-state operator.
    • He ensured compliance standards across all states, implemented HRIS, ATS, and timekeeping systems, re-designed benefit plans and introduced a performance review process.
    • The company received recognition as one of the best places to work during his time there, and they continue to earn honors to this day for their workplace culture.
  • As the Director of Human Resources, Christopher established a company’s Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety departments.
    • He developed the company’s first handbook, policies, benefit plan, HRIS, ATS and timekeeping system.
    • He collaborated closely with department heads, assisting them with driving quality and efficiency, coaching/counseling, training, and compliance matters.
    • OSHA standards were a big focus for Christopher due to the industrial hazards of a large commercial greenhouse and volatile gases prevalent in an extraction lab of that scale.
  • Some of the other responsibilities that Christopher has had in previous roles include:
    • Putting together an Approval to Operate (ATO) manual
    • Collective bargaining on behalf of a company with a union
    • Leading the continuous improvement team and collaborating with leadership on implementing lean manufacturing practices
    • Training and development of employees with multiple organizations
  • Christopher is well versed in all aspects of vertical integration within the cannabis industry and prides himself in his understanding of all facets of the industry, including cultivation, processing, extraction, infused goods, packaging and retail.
    • He enjoys wearing multiple hats and is eager to assist in any area.
    • He believes that having a complete understanding of a company’s processes allows him to better serve the organization and its employees.

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