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Head Grower
Managing commercial/retail and indoor/outdoor cannabis cultivation space

ColbyHead grower with 10+ years in the cannabis cultivation space

Relevant Skills

Creating SOPs, Overseeing cultivation employees, Assuring quality of cannabis farming

Expertise Summary
  • Colby is a detail-oriented Head Grower with 10+ years of experience in the commercial/retail and indoor/outdoor cannabis cultivation space.  
  • Colby is currently the Director of Cultivation of a 40,000 sq. ft. facility for a well-known MSO.  
    • He oversees 100 employees in cultivation, packaging, and production.  
    • In 6 months, Colby wrote and executed SOPs for the facility that immensely improved the quality of flower and employee morale.  
  • When the 2018 Farm Bill passed, Colby was hired about 3 weeks before a suggested harvest date.  
    • When he came in, he spotted a hermaphrodite upon first touring the farm–no other farmers on hand had any experience with cannabis cultivation prior.  
    • It was the first sighting of a male reproductive organ–that sighting set-up a week-long scouting or culling session in which 60+ males were pulled from the fields (no scouting or culling would have happened otherwise).  
  • Colby brought order to a hectic and disorganized start-up hemp company and single handedly got them off the ground with 10+ years of prior experience within the cannabis landscape.  
    • If it wasn’t for him, the farm would have folded. 
  • Colby was also the Head of Production and Cultivation at a licensed dispensary (3x, 40-light, 1000-watt Gavita canopies with monthly flips; formerly).  
  • Colby is bilingual (English and Spanish), which has been beneficial when managing his harvest team. 

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