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HR Manager
Human Resources & People Management

ConnorProven HR manager with 9 years of experience

Relevant Skills

Developing training programs, manages on-site safety program, develops improvement projects

Expertise Summary
  • Connor developed and implemented continuous improvement projects in the areas of safety, efficiency, quality, training, and frustration reduction–making him a key contributor in moving a facility from a monthly $400K+/- deficit to exceeding a $2M profit.
    • This happened less than 8 months after moving into the Production Superintendent role.
  • Connor helped the Shipping and Inspection Department improve from an average 146 barrels per hour to an average 215 barrels per hour, exceeding the target goal of 200 barrels per hour.
    • The Heading Department improved from an average 167 heads to an average 220 heads, exceeding the target goal of 200 heads per hour.
    • The efficiency improvements were accomplished primarily through a revamped preventative maintenance program, new standard operating procedures, and training.
  • Connor developed, implemented, and managed a company’s first on-site safety program beginning at one facility and later adopted by all facilities company wide.
    • The program reduced the recordable incident rate for the facility from 10.43 to 1.56 in less than 2 years, and reduced the recordable incident rate for another facility from 23.04 to 2.3 within 3 years.
  • Connor developed and implemented a Training Center & Master Craftsman Program.
    • The core objectives were to improve safety, retention rates, quality, and efficiency, recognize growth potential, and develop well-rounded employees.
    • This program reduced the new hire turnover rate from 36.36% to 12.79%.
    • They experienced a 3.9% increase in productivity and a 6.6% increase in quality scores with employees who trained in the training center versus employees hired before the implementation of the training center.
    • He applied for and received a $25,000 state grant 2 years consecutively to assist with funding the training program and its facility and reduced the direct cost to the company.
  • Connor was the sole Human Resource Manager for 2 shifts totaling 510 employees.
    • Due to the growth of the business, the facility initially had 378 employees each with one full shift and half a 2nd shift.
    • In a year, he added and maintained an additional 132 employees for a total of 510 employees.
  • Connor obtained ISO 22000 certification for a food safety initiative at a customer’s request.
    • He developed a company food safety policy and SOPs, recommended equipment upgrades to comply with the ISO standard, developed new procedures for chemical storage, developed a Master Sanitation Schedule, revamped the housekeeping program, and established an internal auditing program.

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