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Cultivation Manager
Cultivation/Project Management

CoriSkilled Cultivation Manager eager to continue growing in the industry

Relevant Skills

Laboratory analysis, technical writing, managing cultivation teams

Expertise Summary
  • Cori has 5+ years of cannabis experience, working in 8 different grow facilities in 4 states for 2 vertically integrated companies for both medical and recreational markets.
    • He has 4+ years of experience with cannabis breeding, pheno-hunting, and product development.
    • He was part of a team that consistently bred, selected, and commercialized new flower strains to market.
  • Cori was part of a management team that led the cannabis company to 20+ High Times Cannabis Cup awards in just 3 years, including first place in all categories of flower.
  • As a Quality Insurance Manager, Cori conducted documented R&D for several key aspects of cultivation, including growing media, lighting fixtures, fertilizer, pest control, and several types of grow practices, timelines, and other parameters.
    • He is well-versed in laboratory analysis, technical writing, and creating reports.
  • Cori has experience working in and managing cultivation teams as small as 5 and as large as 50 for 5,000- 35,000 square feet of canopy.
  • As the first employee on site, Cori secured company licenses from state regulators to begin operations in cultivation, retail, and manufacturing.
    • He has experience with automation, environmental controls, fertigation setup and operation, grow-house engineering and construction, ERP management, seed-to-sale tracking, and more.
  • Cori has the ability to reliably achieve 5.2 harvests per year per flowering zone at 75 dry grams per square foot with an average of 24% THCa.
    • He achieved as high as 32% THCa and 107 dry grams per square foot.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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