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Cultivation Specialist
Fine-tuning agricultural systems


Relevant Skills

Working in greenhouse, outdoor, and indoor settings, Producing plant material for financiers , Managing sales team and securing sales

Expertise Summary
  • Cristian has a degree in horticulture and 10+ years of experience growing cannabis. 
    • He is extremely passionate about the cannabis industry and loves large-scale growing and development–he’s worked in greenhouse, outdoor, and indoor settings and is knowledgeable about all aspects of the grow and harvest process.  
    • He won multiple scholarships with both the American Iris Society and American Orchid Society.
  • Cristian produced plant material for financiers throughout several harvest seasons where he managed all aspects of production, execution of labor, and quality control. 
    • He has exceptional knowledge of botanical husbandry and the fine-tuning of agricultural systems to enable ease and maximum yield efficiency.  
  • As an Agricultural Specialist, Cristian studied the potential of orchids as sources of genetics research and managed an $11M greenhouse, creating hybrids and documenting his findings.  
  • As a Sales Director, Cristian managed a sales team, contributed to guest lectures, and helped secure sales with multiple CEOs.

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