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Corporate Counsel
Executive and Management

DarlaCorporate Counsel regularly closing high-end deals with confidence

Relevant Skills

Advising on legal matters, ensuring compliance, closing on complex deals

Expertise Summary
  • Darla, JD, has been in the cannabis industry since 2018 and currently serves as in-house Corporate Counsel for one of the largest cannabis companies.
    • Her responsibilities include transactional matters related to commercial contracts, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, out-of-state expansion efforts, licensing and regulatory compliance, and general corporate governance.
  • Darla regularly advises senior management and executives on all transactional legal matters, including intellectual property trademark and enforcement strategies in connection with the company’s 150 trademarks, obligations related to data privacy laws, and regulatory compliance.
  • Darla led a $130 million senior-secured credit facility, which was the largest loan given to a privately held cannabis company.
    • She has since been solely responsible for quarterly compliance certificates.
  • Darla has successfully closed on a simultaneous merger agreement, stock purchase agreement, and asset purchase of the largest manufacturing supplier.
    • She has also successfully closed on a management services agreement with a purchase option for the takeover of a cannabis cultivation and production facility, which was subsequently approved by the cannabis compliance board.
  • Darla also worked on an acquisition of a cannabis company, including real property and 3 retail cannabis licenses.
  • Darla has spent almost 2 years at her current company and has overcome numerous challenges, including lean in-house staffing and monumental deal flow, while guiding the company through unchartered waters as one of the largest privately held cannabis businesses in the country.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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