Sr. Compliance Manager
Plant/product inventory, product packaging, and facility modifications


Relevant Skills

Developing a compliance department, Ensuring compliance through routine audits, Establishing forensic audit procedures

Expertise Summary
  • Darnell has been in the cannabis industry since 2015–most recently as a Sr. Compliance Manager at a premier cannabis company.
    • He developed the compliance department for the company–which has the largest cultivation center.
  • Darnell developed routine audit procedures to ensure compliance with regulated plant/product inventory, product packaging, and facility modifications.
    • He led regulatory approval for site modifications including a new greenhouse, C1D1 extraction booth, DEA vault, and packaging equipment.
  • Also, Darnell developed overarching operating policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulations as well as operating efficiencies.
    • He established forensic audit procedures that will hold up in court and were easily executable in operations.
  • Darnell reviewed and approved draft packaging to ensure compliance with state regulations.
    • He quickly became the Illinois expert on regulations and developed a working relationship with regulators.
    • He also worked with SMEs to develop and refine processes for operating efficiencies, employee safety, and compliance with regulations.
  • Darnell has a Masters of Accountancy – Information Assurance degree–a hybrid between accounting and management information systems–which provides him with the ability to implement seed-to-sale software programs such as BioTrack and METRC.
    • He helped facilities implement SAGE, Canix, BioTrack, and METRC.

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