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Social Media Manager
Social Media/Copywriting

DarrenDarren is skilled at spearheading content and advertising initiatives

Relevant Skills

Marketing, copywriting, web design

Expertise Summary
  • Darren has 17 years of experience in copywriting, social media, and web design within the CPG industry, specializing in working with cannabis clients. 
  • Darren joined a content and advertising company that is a household name among Gen-Z and Millennials and is known for generating 2 billion monthly impressions through influencer marketing. 
    • He spearheaded numerous successful cannabis industry marketing campaigns. 
    • Currently, Darren holds over 30 digital marketing certifications, including Google Analytics, Agile Scrum Management, and HubSpot Digital Marketing. 
  • As Social Media Manager at one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis licensees in the US, he achieved 30,000+ Instagram followers in 6 months.  
    • He led the social media efforts for the launch of one of their brands, growing its Instagram following to over 23,000 followers in under 10 months. 
  • Darren was an Associate Product Manager at a popular lifestyle brand and contributed to its growth from 250,000 to 9 million users within a year, culminating in its acquisition by a bigger brand–it surpassed 24 million users.


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