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Director of Marketing
Product Marketing and Brand Development

DarvinCreative Director of Marketing intrigued by innovation in cannabis

Relevant Skills

Leadership & team building, creative problem-solving, driving revenue growth

Expertise Summary
  • Darvin has been in the cannabis industry for 4+ years and his passion for marketing, innovation, and branding stems from a fascination for business and a need to create.
    • He is recognized for his strengths in leadership & team building, public speaking, and creativity related to product marketing and problem-solving.
    • He is willing to relocate or work remotely.
  • At a premier cannabis business, Darvin directed the studio team on all regional creatives for wholesale campaigns, visual merchandising, product launches, and PR.
    • He oversaw the data capture specialist implementing new strategies to collect customer contact information.
    • He was the lead in building the B2C email contact list–it started at 100 and reached 5,000 in the first 3 months using grassroots tactics.
    • He created and implemented the B2C email communications program and oversaw marketing for brand collaboration programs from the creation of sell.
  • Darvin was responsible for sheets and toolkits to cross-promotion.
    • He was the Ordering and Distribution Manager for all printed assets.
  • At another cannabis company, Darvin directed/oversaw creative, a social media agency, a graphic design agency, communications, events, and digital marketing.
    • He developed in-house marketing teams and exceeded KPI targets–as a result, sales went 20% over targeted projections for Q1-Q3.
  • Darvin brings extensive sales and marketing expertise with proficiency in brand management, integrated marketing communications, product innovation, and proven practices to spur revenue growth.
    • He has strong experience leading multichannel marketing campaigns and market strategies.

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