• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 7
  • Expertise: Strategic acquisitions and operations


Relevant Skills

Focusing on strategic acquisitions Bundling products Overseeing different departments

Expertise Summary

  • Dayton was President of a cannabis organization, focusing on strategic acquisitions within the cannabis industry and operations, overseeing 2 retail locations, 3 distribution hubs, delivery, cultivation, and manufacturing.
  • Dayton assisted in the acquisition of a smoking accessories company and learned the art of the “bundle,” beating vendor sales on Amazon by bundling products. 
  • Dayton raised $1M for another cannabis company thanks to relationships he had in the industry pre-revenue, which allowed him to perfect a fluffy dry powdered THC that is also shelf-stable, as well as oral sprays and compressed tablets. 
    • He engaged various tier 1 brands, and his team created a first-class web interface, product brochures, renderings, and sales and marketing collateral. 
    • The company merged with a multi-state co-packer and was eventually purchased for $160M.
  • Dayton earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in nuclear engineering. 
    • He also has an MBA from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.
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