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Chief Revenue Officer

DevinnVisionary CRO just as creative as he is analytical

Relevant Skills

Concept development, driving profitability, building and growing audiences

Expertise Summary
  • Devinn was responsible for transacting 25K+ deliveries annually, with a peak delivery month of 540K and a 48% GM–this helped the company become one of the most successful cannabis delivery companies in all of MI.
  • Devinn created buy online, pick-up in-store destinations within the lobby retail doors, enabling customers to bypass the salesfloor and transact in under 3 minutes, generating 23% of all transactions and reducing payroll by 5%.
  • Devinn also created speed at scale through the alignment of all departments, focusing on revenue-generating initiatives to drive profitability with clear performance goals.
    • He led 9 stakeholders for bi-weekly meetings requiring each to submit their weekly/monthly departmental projects and rate each project as “on-track” or “stuck,” allowing members to amass resources to projects that were immediately impacting company profitability.
  • Also, Devinn created pre-market activation and customer acquisition strategies to build awareness and capture consumer audience.
    • He led the marketing team, their efforts to create brand awareness via public relations, digital media buys, OOH placement, sweepstakes, grassroots, and influencer marketing, leading to the acquisition of 26K unique customers opting into loyalty pre-open.
    • The company retained 65% of those who entered the program, seeing an ROV of 2.3x per week and on-going new customer acquisition in retail of 83%.
  • Devinn built and executed a brand launch strategy behind a popular cannabis brand.
    • He also aligned the corporate team, partnering with marketing to building a boots-on-the-ground marketing and wholesale team to pre-sale over 140 wholesale accounts.
    • The brand became a top 10 edible and top 20 flower brand within 6 months of entering the market, generating $5M in sales within 4 months.
  • Devinn was responsible for a multi-brand retail launch for 2 cannabis brands within 4 weeks of one another, aligning corporate teams, store development, supply-chain, marketing, compliance, operations, and HR.
    • He coordinated and led budgetary and resource allocation while aligning corporate stakeholders on all retail/brand launch initiatives to meet delivery of timeline.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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