Director of Production
Manages quality, process improvement, inventory, and operational and distribution leads


Relevant Skills

Creating KPIs for all levels , Strategically planning production to increase profit margins, Looking for ways to improve production

Expertise Summary
  • Dillon is a Production Manager with experience managing 14K sq. ft. of cannabis manufacturing, distribution, and a non-store front facility.
    • He has scaled the operations team by 50% to a team of 40.
    • He created roles at all levels to support the business.
  • Dillon manages quality, process improvement, inventory, and operational and distribution leads.
    • He creates KPIs for all levels to provide a path to growth for operators at all levels. Additionally, he works closely with all leaders, including the President, VP of Production, VP of Sales and Marketing, and Cultivation Director to plan production around the current and future state of the business.
    • He strategically planned production to increase profit margins based on yields received from cultivation.
  • By working closely with all areas of manufacturing, understanding current processes, and looking for ways to improve production, Dillon has increased productivity on the manufacturing floor by 75%.
    • He did this by collecting data and working on new SOPs and work instructions that reflected changes to improve the flow of production.

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