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Director of Cultivation
Large Scale Cultivation

DonnieDirector of Cultivation with decades of experience in cannabis

Relevant Skills

Reducing costs, creating a positive company culture, genetic development and conservation

Expertise Summary
  • Donnie is a horticulturalist and plant scientist with decades of experience in all facets of the cannabis industry.
    • He has experience with genetic development and conservation, biopesticide development, both regenerative and high efficiency horticulture, large scale agricultural production, synthesis and breeding work improving the production of novel and rare cannabinoids, and the formulation of raw botanical medicines.
    • He prides himself on both an eye for reducing costs and creating a positive company culture.
  • Through consulting work, Donnie improved yields from 1,200 lbs of biomass per acre to 4,500+ lbs per acre by improving crop fertility programs, cultivation methods, and cultivars selection/utilization.
    • Yield improvement in primitive hoophouse environments often have started from 15-20g per sq ft. to 35-45g per sq ft., depending on cultivation variables dictated by the facility.
    • For indoors and in climate-controlled greenhouses, he has often improved yields to an excess of 50g per sq ft. from a wide range of starting points, sometimes even using organic methods.
  • At a premier cannabis company, Donnie reduced pest management input costs by $7,000 per month.
    • At another facility, he eliminated the need to purchase a planned and costly RadSource machine for remediation due to 75% of their flower failing for Aspergillus spp., and attained a 95% pass rate without the need for radiation.
  • In genetics and nursery programs, Donnie attained an “all in” cogs of 8 cents per feminized seed and 80-90 cents per rooted clone.
  • Having learned from his experience producing cannabis throughout the western hemisphere, Donnie has prevented the loss of millions in unwise planned decisions.
    • He has often sharpened the forecasting pencil for likely and certain problems that will arise.
    • This includes adding costs for needed dust and disease preventatives, experiment design to show the degree of heavy metal contamination on a given plot of land, underestimated extraction costs from overestimated throughput and efficiency, and nutrient lockout from overzealous adoption of various fertilizers and media.

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