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Director of Cultivation
Developing and managing farms and genetic programs

EdwardCannabis cultivation director in 3 continents over 20+ years

Relevant Skills

Developing comprehensive harvest plans, Organizing pheno-hunt selection , Creating plant/processes and SOPS

Expertise Summary
  • Edward is an accomplished Director of Cultivation with experience in cultivating and breeding for 20+ years across 3 different continents and has also been selected as a judge for several cannabis cups.
    • He assisted in developing the premier cannabis book, and was used as an example within the book as an expert in cultivation and breeding.  
    • In the past 20 years, he has worked with many prominent groups in the cannabis space.
    • Edward is also a university professor, teaching cannabis cultivation and breeding, and a founding member of a grower’s guild.
  • Edward set up, trained staff, and created plant/processes and SOPS for a 75,000 sq. ft. facility with 1,500 grow lights.
    • He organized, managed, and executed a 20,000 seed pheno-hunt selection to isolate the best for future breeding and production and bring the harvest to 3lbs per 4×4 area–with specific cultivars, he accomplished even higher yields at 4 lbs per 4×4 area.
    • He has also developed and implemented a comprehensive and efficient harvest plan, consisting of 2 rooms every 2 weeks allowing all 10 flowing rooms to be in perpetual growth to arrive at a minimum of 5 harvests a year.
    • He also developed the genetics program to breed cultivars that finish flowering in 60 days to increase harvests.
  • As a Chief Genetics Officer, Edward directed the planning and launch of a pharmaceutical cannabis company.
    • He helped in developing the farm and company’s genetic program.
    • He also managed a cannabis genetic research initiative with a university, successfully utilizing technology gene editing with cannabis cultivars.
    • They achieved switching off the gene responsible for the production of THC in cannabis plants, allowing the cultivar to focus on increasing the production for other minor cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, THCV, CBG, etc).
  • As a Chief Cultivation Officer, Edward developed and managed a 40-acre hemp farm with a hemp association.
    • His team provided data to assist in the legislation for hemp in California.
    • His team also produced biomass and seeds–the biomass was extracted into oil and developed into CPG products.
    • They also completed a successful run of feminized hemp seed and began the program to register official hemp genetics.
  • Edward co-created one of the first platforms that support cannabis breeders by facilitating breeding projects, research and development projects, and product development–they have won many awards.

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